Oticon™ Hearing Aids

We hear with our brains and Oticon™ spends countless man hours, research, and development costs understanding this principle.

With Oticon’s New Approach To Delivering The Best Audiology

People with hearing loss will experience an open world. The extreme speed of this new technology stimulates users with more accurate information about the soundscape. This enables them to more easily locate and separate sound sources and focus on what they find important while maintaining the full sound picture.

Oticon Dynamo

Dynamo – Power your Brain

Oticon Dynamo with proven BrainHearing™ Oticon has a long history of developing hearing solutions specifically for patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Dynamo is the latest in this tradition, combining experience, research and insights to understand the diverse needs of superpower patients.

Dynamo – Power your Brain

To meet the needs of Super Power patients, Dynamo provides a peak output of 139 dB SPL, 78 dB of full-on gain, and a fitting range of up to 110 dB HL. Dynamo uses Oticon’s proven Speech Guard E adaptive compression system to preserve the details of the speech envelope to protect the vital temporal cues and provide as much information as possible.

Oticon Opn

OPN Sound Navigator

OpenSound Navigator™ attenuates excessive background noise extremely fast and effectively. This includes noise coming from the same direction as speech – even noise coming from the front – as well as all other surrounding noise in a 360° radius. It even removes the remaining noise between words, to make the overall background noise less intrusive.

The Open Sound Experience

This is made possible by an enhanced approach that enables binaural data transmission at streaming speed. This means hearing aids in both ears receive information even faster – ensuring a constant flow of information about the exact position of all sounds.

OPN Wireless Technologies


Oticon Opn™ Hearing Aids

Come with hassle-free wireless connection to devices used in everyday life, such as radios, TVs, laptops and many more – without using a streamer around the neck.


Oticon Opn™ Provides Seamless and Easy Connectivity

Connect to mobile phones by turning the hearing aids into superior quality headphones.
• Powerful 2.4 GHz direct streaming
• Hassle-free connectivity with devices
• Made for iPhone® hearing aid


TV Sound With Dolby Digital®.

Similar to previous wireless solutions, patients can listen to the TV at a level that is comfortable for them while enjoying the company of family and friends.


The World’s First Internet-Connected Hearing Aid

Oticon has joined the If This Then That (IFTTT) community. Through a unique Oticon cloud solution, Oticon Opn can be linked to the If This Then That (IFTTT) network. This allows users to connect to and control an endless range of devices used in everyday life.

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